Piano Transfer Agreement Template (PDF)

An Additional Protection for Second Hand Piano Transactions

Private transactions of second-hand pianos rely heavily on trust, people naturally feel insecure. To remedy such situations, we have drafted a "Piano Transfer Agreement" with help from an legal expert volunteer. To avoid dispute between different languages, the Chinese and English versions are in separate files. Big thanks to our legal expert!


Agreement Terms (Chinese: 2 Pages, English: 3 Pages)
Damage/Imperfection Record: Upright Piano (2 Pages)
Damage/Imperfection Record: Grand Piano (2 Pages)
(Just print the pages you need!)

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Contract Chi Page
Agreement Terms
形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Contract Chi Page2
Damage Record


This draft transfer agreement is prepared for reference by the seller and the purchaser only, and should be adjusted by both parties to reflect the transfer arrangement. It does not constitute legal advice given by the author. Parties to the transfer should seek independent legal advice if needed.

Due to potential legal responsibility, we will NOT sign this agreement on behalf of our clients. The buyer MUST be present to deal with the seller even if we are hired to evaluate the piano on site.

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