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Service Summaries & Fee

Last Update:18/1/2022
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Basic tuning (1.5 - 2 hours)

Upright piano: $600
Grand piano: $700

"Basic Tuning" is for pianos that are regularly tuned and maintained. These pianos function smoothly and are evenly regulated, hence needing no major repairs. "Basic Tuning" are done base on the frequency of the note A4 (the A note above middle C note).

If A4 is far from the standard 440Hz, the maximum pitch correction is 2Hz. For example, if A4 were found to be 430Hz, "Basic Tuning" will tune the piano with A4 as high as 432Hz. For a bigger raise, please refer to "Pitch Correction".

Piano goes out of tune unevenly, therefore we only use the A above middle-C as an estimation basis. There are numerous free tuning app that are not capable of tuning a whole piano. However, they do just fine checking the frequency of this A note. Below is a 20-second video (in Cantonese) for reference.

Pitch Correction ("Pitch Raise") (2 - 2.5 Hours)

Upright piano: $800
Grand piano: $900

If a piano is not tuned and maintained for over a year, or has not been kept in standard pitch level, its overall pitch might be lower than standard. When A4 (the A note above middle C) deviates more than 2Hz from the standard 440Hz, the procedure to raise the pitch level back to standard is more complicated and time consuming.

As "Pitch Correction" drastically change the piano strings' tension, the piano will go out of tune quicker than usual. Therefore, we suggest another "Basic Tuning" within 6 months to stabilize the tuning.

Most pianos needing "Pitch Correction" are also out of regulation. Therefore, the price for this service is the same as a 3-hour extensive visit, which includes time for minor regulation and small repairs.

It is easier with comparisons.

This is the middle A with standard pitch: 440 Hz.

433 Hz is low but quite common with pianos not tuned for several years.

420 Hz happens sometimes, I would be shock as it's really low in terms of tuning.

First of all, the higher the pitch, the larger the string tension. An overall high pitch level can be harmful to the piano, therefore, the overall pitch must be lowered.

For "Pitch Raise", it is most ideal to return to the pitch level the piano was designed for originally. However, not all users need it.

This procedure alters the string tension aggressively, therefore the piano will get out of tune sooner than normal. The client is advised to have the piano tuned again in about 6 months for a more stable tuning. Therefore, "Pitch Raise" is not a one-time commitment.

What situations call for "Pitch Raise"? For example: the user…

• has perfect pitch.
• is learning other instruments.
• sings with the piano.
• is accompanying other instruments.
• wants to play piano with apps or videos.
• is preparing for exams.
• is using this piano to record exam videos.
• is taking lesson elsewhere, and find his/her own piano sounding weird.
• is learning more advanced music that demands more from the piano.

These are just example. If the user is a child who is just starting to learn, perhaps the pitch level of the piano isn't the most important aspect.

Even if the client chose not to raise the pitch, we shall raise the pitch slightly, so that the overall pitch level will not drop further.

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Extended Visit (3 hours or more)

Upright Piano (Price Total):
1 Hour - $400 (Repair Only)
2 Hours - $600 (Tuning OR Repair)
3 Hours - $800

4 Hours - $1000
5 Hours - $1250
6 Hours - $1500
7 Hours or more - $1800

Grand Piano (Price Total):
1 Hour - $400 (Repair Only)
2 Hours - $700 (Tuning OR Repair)
3 Hours - $900
4 Hours - $1200

5 Hours - $1500
6 Hours - $1800
7 Hours or more - $2000

When a piano has not been tuned and serviced for more than 1 year, it likely requires an assortment of small repairs. Extended Visit allows 3 or more hours of service for additional care; this includes "Pitch Correction" and string replacements.

Although specialty materials and techniques are taken into an account, service time plays a huge part in our pricing. For the best time management, tuning is included into service time. For example, tasks involving adhesive are done first to allow enough cure time.

In general, 6 hours are enough for most in-home service. Examples of tasks are full-scale regulation and/or part replacement procedures (for all 88 keys), deep cleaning (especially insect infestation), large amount of replacements for broken parts.

For pianos that are exceedingly old and/or in bad shape, we cannot guarantee a successful result and accurate quotation. To avoid any disputes, clients might need to sign our Disclaimer Agreement prior to any services.

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We are Flexible!

There’s all kinds of improvement we can provide for your beloved piano. However, for clients with limited budget, we are happy to adjust accordingly to clients’ need. Some minor repairs can be waited until future service appointments, separating the costs into several appointments.

Additional Services

Upright piano: $500
Grand piano: $600

We offer piano evaluation for clients who are interested in purchasing quality used piano from private owners. This is because both the sellers and buyers likely have little knowledge of the condition of pianos. For buyers, it is a nightmare to only discover their newly purchased pianos are due for costly repair. Worst is that the piano doesn’t worth repairing. To prevent such scenario, we offer evaluation service prior transaction.

How does it work? The technician will come and check for internal damage, insect infestation and overall condition of the piano.

As many pianos are out of tune during the sale, our technician shall tune several notes from various registers so the buyer may have a more realistic impression of the particular piano's sound.

It will take 30 to 60 minutes. Clients will get a detail report of the findings and professional comments such as a ball-park quotations for any essential repair.

Note: It might be difficult if the pianos in question are being let go for free, because the owners might not want to put up with the trouble.

Treble & Mid-section

Treble: Charge by service duration. (Each wire requires 30 to 60 minutes.)
Mid-range (underneath bass strings): Charge by service duration. (Each wire requires 60 to 90 minutes.)

Cost of material: All plain wires (made in Japan) are included.

Bass Section

Bass String Splice:Treble: When succeed, charge by service duration. (Each wire requires 30 to 60 minutes.) When failed, no charge.

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Bass Splice S

According to the technician's judgement, broken bass strings may be spliced. If the strings were old and fragile, they might not withhold the required tension. Moreover, the success rate of this process is only 50%. Therefore, the technician might deny performing this repair. When the procedure is successful, the bass string can function as usual with slight discount of sound quality and might cause noises. Therefore, clients are advised to replace it with new duplicated string as soon as possible.

Bass strings installation:Charge by service duration. (Each wire requires 30 to 60 minutes.)

Cost of material: The cost of bass strings replacement varies between $200 to $300 each. They can be duplicated locally, or ordered from international manufacturers (when possible). Please inquire for a quotation.

Note:Please be aware that there is a $400 minimum per visit.

Upright pianos: $100
Grand piano: Please inquire.

Dehumidifying rod, or "heat rod", is a simple device to lower relative humidity by raising surrounding's temperature. It is typically installed next to the soundboard, as it has direct influence in the piano's tuning stability. Dehumidifying rod does not have on/off button, as they are designed for long term use. Hong Kong is so humid that it is fine to keep it on and forget about it.

Clients are welcome to provide a dehumidifying rod for their upright pianos. We will install it without cost.

Humidity Sensitive Power Supply: $350

Made in Hong Kong. It is similar to Dampp-Chaser unit, but more affordable. When humidity approaches around 50%, the amount that favours piano, the controller shuts off the power.

Though, isn't Hong Kong very humid? What's the need? When temperature increases, people tend to turn on the air conditioner more often. When the AC's on, the humidity drops drastically. When it's off, the humidity comes back almost immediately. Sometimes, one might even observe condensation on the piano. The humidity sensitive power supply can lower the difference between these extremes, in turns increases tuning stability.

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Humidity Controller

We welcome inquires and quotation requests from primary/secondary schools and organisations. Before inquiring, please understand that initial quotations might not reflect the final fee because piano problems must be examined by a professional piano technician first. If our final quotation exceeds clients' budget, we can make alternative plans with compromises.

To avoid confusions, clients (especially those require extensive payment period) must sign a hard copy of our agreement form before any services is provided. (Sample).

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Piano Cleaning2

Ask about Your Piano; Get Involved!

Many people grow up with their pianos and are curious about them; we are happy to answer any of your piano related questions.

It has come to our attention that cleaning piano sparks joy. Under Ms. Choi’s supervision, cleaning dirt out of your piano is safe and satisfying. Your help will also get more accomplished within a shorter time since removing all 88 keys is time consuming. Vacuuming skills required 😎 .

Ms. Choi used to supervise college music students with cleaning pianos in the US, it is a fun and valuable learning experience for them!

Minimum Visit Fee

Due to transportation cost and commuting time, we have a minimum fee of $400. Therefore we’d always encourage combining repairs and tuning within one appointment.

Additional Transportation Compensation

Hong Kong is not big, nor small! We base in North District of New Territories and hope to keep our one-way commuting time less than 1.5 hours. Additional compensation might be required for extra travel time and/or express transportation.

Additional fee: Discovery Bay $50, South Bay $100.

Unless there are 2-3 tunings at a time, islands such as Cheung Chau is simply too far to worth the commute.

New Territories? Tuen Mun? Yuen Long?

As a North District resident, it is rather convenient for me to visit location many considered to be "remote". For locations in Sheung Shui, Fanling, Tai Po, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Sai Kung, Ms. Choi can drive to you! (Best with free parking!)

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Kata Music Place
Places we have been.

As a North District resident, it is rather convenient for me to visit location many considered to be "remote". For locations in Sheung Shui, Fanling, Tai Po, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Sai Kung, Ms. Choi can drive to you! (Best with free parking!)

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Kata Music Place
Places we have been.


In general, there no individual price discounts. It would be unfair to other clients. Also, tuning and repairing pianos are physical labor work involving specialized skills. Therefore, there are no wholesale price. If your budget is limited, we can prioritize necessary repairs to minimize the costs at one time, and do the rest at a later time. If you simply want a cheaper price, expect a discount on service quality as well. However, since that violates our service principals, I'd recommend hiring another technician who gladly match your price.

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