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For Sale: Basic Piano Tuning Kit

Recently, I have received several requests for piano tuning lessons. This led to an increase demand on tuning tools. Most piano tools are for professionals; out of liability concerns, majority of suppliers do not sell to the general public. As a result, it is very difficult for me to ask people to acquire tools themselves. Some online stores do sell to anyone for markup prices. On the other hand, ordering internationally is expensive with shipping, therefore it makes sense that I order some extra while ordering parts.

Content of the Tuning Kit:

Tuning Lever (USA)
Ergonomic Rubber Handle Attachment (Canada)
Felt Mute (Mainland)
Rubber Mute (Mainland)
Papp Mute (Mainland)

形樂鋼琴調音維修 Kata Music Piano Tuning In Hong Kong &Bull; Tuning Kit 2
Zipper bag included.

The piano tuning lever I recommend has a modern minimalist design. It is light and well balanced. Most importantly, it's the most affordable contemporary lever! For other professional piano levers, they'd cost more than $3000.

The century-old traditional design is not ergonomically friendly. Since around 30 years, new tuning lever designs incorporating lighter material and new technology have improved the quality of work and the health of piano technicians.

While most items are imported from North America, mutes from Mainland are good enough for regular piano tuning use.

Each Tuning Kit: $1700

Last Update: 9/2/2022

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