For Sale: Cleaner/Duster/Polishing Cloths by Cory Care (USA)

These are our favourite cloths for cleaning pianos. Cory Care is a small family-own business specialized in offering piano cleaning products. Not only are their cloths durable, we'd never worry about scratching our clients' beloved pianos.

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Mega Duster (18″ x 14”)

This special double weave cloth is a dust magnet. Its super size (18 x 14″) makes dusting easy. It will clean any high performance finish thoroughly and safely without scratching. If you have a lot of dust, simply dampen the cloth with water or polish. Its own special fabric picks up the dust instead of recirculating it back into the air. Imagine dusting a piano or fine piece of furniture and not having to go back to chase the dust! Mega Dusters are machine washable and compatible with all Cory polishes. Packaged in a reusable ziplock pouch. Color may vary dependent upon availability.


Excalibur Suede MicroFiber Polisher Cloth (16″ x 16”)

Our Excalibur Polishing Cloth is in a class all its own! This suede microfiber cloth is a full 16″ x 16″ and is the finest polishing cloth in our line. Completely safe and non-abrasive, the Excalibur is the elite polishing cloth for your high performance finishes. Excellent for piano finishes, furniture, computer and television screens, high performance motorcycle & auto finishes, the Excalibur stands above all other cloths for spectacular results. This cloth will last many years of enjoyable use, is machine washable and durable. The Cory Excalibur is packaged in a reusable ziplock bag for storage. You’ll love this extraordinary cloth. Use the BEST, use Excalibur!

Power Buffer MicroFiber Cleaner Cloth (14″ x 14″)

This soft, thick weave, non-treated microfiber cloth is excellent for application and cleaning of all Cory polishes and cleaners. Super-sized, (14″ x 14″ ), and 300 gsm weight, this power buffer is machine washable and durable for long lasting life. Packaged in a reusable ziplock pouch.

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